It is definitely fall. Temperatures are lower and the days shorter. A look into your closet might tell you that you need new fall sweaters. But make them sustainable. That is easy-peasy with our tips.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable or eco-fashion creates clothes that are environmentally friendly as well as socially fair. This process includes all creation steps from designing the piece over manufacturing to distributing and finally using it. Related terms are green, slow and ethical fashion.

Why buy sustainable fashion?

By using natural or recycled materials, sustainable fashion needs far less water and other resources. That doesn’t protect only the environment in general. But, in detail, it also prevents water and air pollution, animal deaths, and waste. Since it also aspires social justice, it creates better and fairer working conditions. Those include safer work places, higher incomes and a fight against child labor.

Sustainable Fashion: Great Fall Sweaters - More Sustainable Me

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Sustainable Fall Sweaters – Option 1: Secondhand

So you have decided that you need new fall sweaters because your closet doesn’t offer you any that still fit or look acceptable. The most sustainable way is to buy your sweaters secondhand. The pre-loved, used pieces usually come at an excellent price. Check out your local charity or secondhand store or look online. Here is a selection of secondhand fall sweaters:

Sustainable Fall Sweaters – Option 2: Handmade

Handmade fashion is sustainable because it uses far less resources than mass-production. You can usually find it at fairs or in specialized small(er) stores. Here is a selection of handmade fall sweaters:

Sustainable Fall Sweaters – Option 3: Big sustainable fashion brands

Known sustainable fashion brands have the advantage of offering their pieces in many sizes and bigger quantities. Prices are usually lower than for handmade fashion. Besides, you can find them in common stores. Here is a selection of fall sweaters from big sustainable fashion brands:

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